GetApp search by business need

That’s exactly what GetApp is designed for! They specialize in helping businesses find software solutions based on their specific needs. Here’s how you can search by business need on GetApp:

  • Browse by Category: GetApp has a vast library of software categorized by business functions like project management, marketing, accounting, and more This is a good starting point if you have a general idea of the type of software you need.
  • Use the Search Bar: You can search for specific software terms or business needs directly in the search bar at the top of the GetApp website

For instance, if you search for “inventory management software,” GetApp will display relevant options with detailed descriptions, user reviews, and comparisons to help you choose the best fit.

  • GetApp Scorecard: This is a handy tool that allows you to specify your business needs and compare different software options side-by-side based on features, pricing, and user ratings.
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